A personalised management of your risks

Consulting and management

The capabilities to plan, organise, facilitate and control over time.

Managing risk can only be effective if it has been configured in advance and it is monitored over time.

The ethics of our profession only have meaning in action. It would be very simple if everything was black and white, but the very contents of ethics itself vary over time and space and are in constant evolution. The recognition of this notion of active and evolving ethics implies that we must continually question ourselves. A program of risk management must be regularly audited to ensure that existing mechanisms still respond to current contexts.

Coverholder at Lloyd’s

We are one of the longest standing coverholders at Lloyd’s in Switzerland.

Our Swiss values, such as confidentiality, trust, conscientiousness and security, are the keys to our success.

With our major binding authority agreements, and our perfect knowledge of the market, we are able to design exclusive, complex insurance products.

We are able to offer you, from Switzerland, worldwide coverages in the currency of your choice.

About the Group

A century of know-how

Sébastien Beck


Our history began nearly a century ago with the commercial activities of three Geneva families, Beck, Henzler and Vallotton; all very dynamic in the field of insurance. The Beck family is still, today, on the board of directors and the majority shareholder of each of our companies, thus guaranteeing for its clients the survival of know-how tailored to their needs and acquired over nearly a century.

Our activity is primarily based on the knowledge of our trade, the protection of our customers’ interests, independence, availability and our confidential treatment of information.

Depending on the scope of the mandate with which you entrust us, regardless of the number of insurers and the type of contracts that form your insurance portfolio, we can immediately manage your present assets and prepare the future with you, imagining and selecting the coverage best suited to your needs, whilst optimising their financing.

I am very proud to be able to perpetuate this family tradition rooted in values and references that have become so important these days.

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