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Consulting and management

Your comfort, our drive

The capabilities to plan, organise, facilitate and control over time.

Managing risk can only be effective if it has been configured in advance and it is monitored over time.

The ethics of our profession only have meaning in action. It would be very simple if everything was black and white, but the very contents of ethics itself vary over time and space and are in constant evolution. The recognition of this notion of active and evolving ethics implies that we must continually question ourselves. A program of risk management must be regularly audited to ensure that existing mechanisms still respond to current contexts.

A manager at your service

An optimised risk strategy

All of our activities are managed and organised by our collaborators who are highly experienced in all facets of insurance. The placement of risk requires excellent product and market knowledge. Our strength is allowing you to outsource the management of the risks related to your activity, and your goals, by delegating it to recognised professionals who have the proficiency and the tools for effective management. Naturally, you remain in control of your insurance portfolio at all times.


Claim management is a key area and, as such, constitutes one of our primary concerns.

During these difficult times, responsiveness is key: we indicate to you the appropriate procedures you need to follow, we know precisely the elements that we need from you for the immediate opening of a claim file by the insurer, thus allowing him to take immediate and adequate measures. We will then efficiently manage the flow of information between you and the insurer to bring about rapid execution and settlement.

Current insurance account

Your dashboard

The financing of an insurance portfolio throughout the year involves the management of monthly expenses according to premium term payments, the validation of received premium notices, the provision for agreed deductibles in the event of claims, and the possible management of medical expenses.

If you wish, you may delegate this task to us. In doing this, you are kept informed of the status of your current insurance account by way of our monthly statement that includes:

SyneriskA detailed inventory of your insurance portfolio

SyneriskThe yearly and monthly financing of your insurance premiums for a better overview

SyneriskA detailed statement of financial transactions including premiums, claims and medical expenses.


Swiss Insurance Brokers Association

A+A, Assureurs Associés SA is a member of SIBA, which regroups the main Swiss insurance brokers, with the highest professional ethics. It is committed to guaranteeing the excellence and independance of its members.

HR Solutions

Externalisation of administrative tasks

Module 1 : AVS* pension scheme (*Assurance-vieillesse et survivants - Old Age and Survivors)
  • Managing administrative flows
  • Declaration and closing of accounts
  • Tracking and checking invoicing of contributions
  • Direct line and email address at your disposal
  • Implementing a process for reporting to the HR department
Module 2 : Withholding tax
  • Announcement
  • Calculating the scale
  • Drawing up the payment certificates
  • Checking final taxation
  • Direct line and email address at your disposal
  • Implementing a process for reporting to the HR department
  • Support of a fiduciary for complex cases
Module 3 : Occupational pension fund according to Swiss Federal Law on occupational pensions (LPP)
  • Managing administrative flows
  • Tracking and checking the recording of changes
  • Tracking and checking invoicing of premiums
  • Direct line and email address at your disposal
  • Implementing a process for reporting to the HR department
  • Individual advice for staff
  • Information session for staff and drafting of information documents
Module 4 : Insurance of individuals (Accident/Health)
  • Drafting and forwarding declarations of claims to insurers
  • Tracking claims until their definitive payment
  • Checking the provisional invoice
  • Drawing up declarations for calculating definitive premiums and checking statements relating to these
  • Direct line and email address at your disposal
  • Implementing a process for reporting to the HR department
Module 5 : Managing absenteeism (in partnership with third-party companies)
  • Study of working conditions
  • Tracking and assisting staff in the case of repeated absences
  • Training managers in absenteeism management
  • Implementing a process for reporting to the HR department
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Analysis and management of insurance portfolios

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